Laurel's America First Policies

Laurel Imer is running in CD7 to Put America First once again. See her policies below.

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Border Security

Border Security is one of the most important issues facing our country today. Laurel believes in completing the wall on our southern border. As well as stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, and human trafficking into our country. President Trump was the border security President, and Laurel intends to carry on that legacy in the United States House of Representatives.

Hand Holding De Near Regulation Word. De


There seems to be a law about or against everything nowadays. Laurel wants to continue to cut the red tape of government so that the people can be more free. President Trump pushed for deregulation throughout his entire presidency and Laurel will do the same when elected to congress.

Election Day

Election Integrity

After the results of the 2020 election, there were questions on if the election was fraudulent. Laurel will work to pass legislation removing automated voting systems and going back to paper ballots. Laurel will also fight to pass legislation that would require an ID to vote. We must restore faith in our electoral system!

School Bus


Education is a big issue for Laurel. Laurel is a homeschool mom herself and has worked in the education field. Laurel is a proud proponent of school choice. Laurel also believes in parental rights when it comes to your children. She will work with the house Education Committee to make changes that will eliminate the 1619 project and focus on less political indoctrination in school.



Laurel believes in transparency in our healthcare system. She will work to continue to lower prescription drug prices, like EpiPens and Insulin. Laurel will also continue to support the work of President Trump on demanding transparency in prices in the hospital and medical industry. Laurel will also work to solve the growing opioid epidemic in our country.

Wall Street

Economic Growth

Under President Trump we saw the strongest and best economy in US History and Laurel will work to reach that achievement again. Laurel will support America First policies to encourage growth in our nation, including small business. She will also work with law makers on the hill to lower taxes across the board.

Gas Plant

Oil and Gas

Laurel is a proud supporter of the Oil and Gas industry. Laurel supports the completion of the Keystone Excel Pipeline. She also is a proud supporter of fracking, and will work to restore drilling rights to companies on federal property. She will actively work to deregulate the industry in order to provide them flexibility.


Limited Government

Laurel is a Limited Government candidate. She will support and defend our constitution above all enemies foreign and domestic and will work to impose term limits on members of congress who have made serving in the government their career. Laurel will work to actively limit the burden of government on the people of this great country. Laurel is running to return the power to you, the people of CD7!

Handgun and  Ammunition

The 2nd Amendment

As a gun owner, Laurel will never stop fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Laurel will never vote to infringe on your ability to own or carry a weapon. Laurel is a strong believer that guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Newborn Baby

Pro Life

Laurel is a pro life woman. She believes that All Lives Matter, from the Womb to the Tomb. Laurel will work to make adoption more accessible to perspective parents and will work to defund Planned Parenthood and abortions.

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Cancel, Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture is a very dangerous weapon being used and manipulated by the left. We must do everything we can to stop this harmful tool. Laurel will work with Law Makers on the hill to repeal Section 230 in order to remove protections from woke social media platforms, so that they can no longer silence opinions they dislike. Laurel will also fight in the public arena against the woke cancelation of public figures.